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Exceptional Service at Hotel Macdonald the Harvest Room!

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

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I wanted to express my sincere thanks to the staff in the Harvest Room.
My wife and I have enjoyed many events at the Harvest Room. The Heritage dinner, the Canada 150 Dinner, the Spanish dinner, the Hawaiian dinner, the Ukrainian dinner, the Italian dinner, the Indian dinner, and the 3 long table dinners out on the patio celebrating the Hotel's anniversary, to the most recent log table (rained out but still special inside) put on by Antosh and his amazing crew. (The only reason we have not attended all of them is if we were away.)

We have encouraged many of our friends to join us during these events and without exception, they have exceeded all our expectations in service and hospitality.
Along with Antosh, Jordan, Dew, Ivan, Carlos who is now in Banff, and the others servers of the Harvest Room are professional in every aspect of service. Sorry I can't recall everyone's name but they know how we feel about them! Every challenge thrown at them during these evenings have been responded to with a "no problem" or "we will look after that for you!" or "Thank you for the feedback Mr. Hicks."

The chef's garden and hotel honey have all made our experiences even more special. The chef, the sous chef and all the kitchen staff interact well with the guests and make everyone feel welcomed. Truly, it is like a family treating a guest "as if they were family" at every moment. You have something special here and you should know it!

The reason I'm telling this story is because this service is consistent EVERY single time we attend.
It is these type of wonderful people that make the experience and you can tell it's genuine!
Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all the staff including the kitchen professionals that share their talent with us, especially those that have been there for years. That alone speaks volumes!
With warmest regards,
Brian Hicks and Ginette St-Amant Devon Alberta 


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