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Fairmont's Top Six Summer Road Trips

There’s nothing quite like the freedom and spontaneity of a road trip. Summer is almost upon us and that means it’s time to start planning your next adventure. From California to Quebec, here are six of our favourite summer road trips. Don’t forget to stop and visit us along the way!

A Bay Route to Remember: Northern California
What is it about Northern California’s Bay Area that draws visitors from all over the world? Is it the endless beaches…rocky cliffs…wineries?  Or, is it the invigorating way they combine one of America’s most unforgettable cities and a technology epicenter? This road trip might be short, a mere 100 miles, but the stretch of Bay Area from San Jose, through San Francisco, to Sonoma brings together the region's variety in unexpected, poetic harmony.

The Iconic Fairmont San Francisco 

Southern California: Sunshine with a Side of History 
Maybe it’s the everlasting sunshine and cool blue of the Pacific that lured people to Southern California well before its 1920s boom years, when Los Angeles sprinted past San Francisco to become the largest city in the state and Orange County was shipping out boxes of its namesake fruit by the millions. The spell of Southern California still remains, as do many colorful remnants of its history. This drive, from Los Angeles to Orange County, immerses you in its allure. While short in distance this sweet path will take you meandering through beach towns, with plenty to see and do along the way.

Soak up the California sun during the drive from LA to Orange County 

Pacific Northwest Passage: Simple Pleasures and Extraordinary Beauty from Seattle to Vancouver
Whether it’s the snow-covered peak of Mount Baker to the east, islands in Elliot Bay and Puget Sound dotting the western horizon, or reveling in the regal beauty of Mount Rainier, there’s a sense of something special waiting for you just beyond Seattle’s city limits. Head north though, and a five-hour trip ends in Whistler, British Columbia. But why rush it? The drive from Seattle to Whistler passes through rainforests, rocky cliffs and west coast villages and also allows for a stop in Vancouver, a world-class destination in its own right. Taking your time along the way allows you to savor the best of this rugged coast.

Vancouver's quirky, colorful Aquabus is one of the best ways to see the city

Breathtaking Beauty: A Road Trip Through the Rockies
You’ve seen the pictures: lush mountain meadows spread beneath craggy peaks, turquoise lakes, thundering falls and endless kilometers of virgin forest. From the prairie city of Calgary to rustic Jasper, the Canadian Rockies beckon you on an unforgettable, and easily-drivable journey. Take a few days to explore some of nature’s best masterpieces, and also get a little luxury R’n’R in too.

Glacier-clad peaks surround Canada’s “Castle in the Rockies”

Savour the Stops on Quebec’s Flavour Trail
Road trips have never been more delicious than when you treat yourself to a taste of Quebec’s Flavour Trail. This easily drivable route is a veritable feast for the senses with opportunities to sample fabulous food, revel in beautiful scenery and learn a bit of history along the way. 

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac rises above the St. Lawrence River

An East Coast Road Trip: Americana with a Touch of Class
Whether it's the thrill of escaping our everyday routines, or the anticipation of what you'll find on the open road, there's just something about a road trip that invokes a feeling of freedom. So, if you're ready to indulge in a classic American pastime, do it in style, and set your compass toward the nostalgic, and driver-friendly, East Coast.

The Boston Public Libary: A Must Visit During Your Time in Boston 


Photo credits: 

Classic view of a cloudfree Peyto Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada by Frank Kovalchek

Banff Springs Hotel 01 by Adam Kahtava

The Aquabus making its rounds by David J Laporte 

View from Ramparts by Dennis Jarvis 

Boston Public Library by Mararie





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