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The most amazing place on the French Rivera

While traveling to Cannes France for a wedding this summer my girlfriend and I decided to book some extra time to travel the French Riviera and that's when we fell in love... with the Fairmont Monte Carlo!

The property is situated at the bottom of the cliff along side the dock. Watching the amazing yachts flow into the dock are stunning.

The front of the property lays on the Gran Priz race track and you can see the skid marks on the road from the race cars turning and burning the rubber.

Adjacent is the famous casino Royale from the Bond movies "shaken not stirred".

In short the property is in an amazing location with stunning architecture, great food and breathtaking views that will invigorate the soul.

It's a destination that needs to be discovered at one point in ones life.

I wish all who find it a truly enjoyable journey.


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